Statistical evaluation of low cycle durability for alloyed structural steels weld metals at room and elevated temperature


  • M. Daunys Kaunas University of Technology
  • A. Stulpinaitė Kaunas University of Technology


The dependence of low cycle durability on mechanical characteristics for alloyed steels of welded joints weld metals used in nuclear power energetic is investigated in this work. The results of 67 materials tested at room temperature and 37 at elevated temperature in Kaunas university of technology and Czech, Russia, Hungary are used. At this investigation were made up the low cycle fatigue curves were obtained using elastic and plastics strains and constants of Coffins equations for elastic Ce, me and plastic Cp, mp strains were calculated. It is determined, that low cycle durability has linear correlation with the modified plasticity of materials ( ) u y σ / σ Z . Analytical dependences for constants Ce, me, Cp, mp calculation according to the modified plasticity are proposed. The comparison results of analytical and experimental durability showed, that proposed in this work method may be used for preliminary estimation of low cycle durability of materials.