Research on Air bearing Eccentric cross gap of Neutron Stress Spectrometer Sample Table Support System


  • Yang LI



A support system is the main load-bearing com-ponent of sample table for neutron stress spectrometer and air bearing is an important element of support system. The neutron stress spectrometer sample table was intro-duced, and the scheme for air bearing combination was selected. To study the performance of air bearing eccentric cross gap, finite element models (FEMs) were established based on air motion and Reynolds equations, effects of types of cross gap, air supply pressure and gap parameters on the overturning moment and bearing capacity of air bearing eccentric cross gap were analyzed. Results indicate that the overturning moment of air bearing with eccentric cross gap is large, and the overturning moment of air bearing cross two holes is larger than cross one hole. The width, depth, and height differences of the marble floor gap played important roles in the performance of the air bearing. When gap width is lesser than 1 mm and gap depth is lower than 0.4 mm, bearing capacity and over-turning moment would vary rapidly with the variation of the width and depth. A gap height difference results in the bearing capacity dropping rapidly. The FEM results agree well with experimental results. Further, fingdings of the study could guide the design of the support system and marble floor.