Multilayer tubular composite reinforced by a liner: behaviour under pressure loading simulation


  • A. Hocine
  • A. Bezazi
  • L. Boubakar
  • A. Benamar
  • A. Kondratas


This paper presents an analysis of stresses and strains of a multi-layer composite tube (tubular part of the cylindrical tank) reinforced by a metal liner under an inter-nal and external pressure loadings. The analytical proce-dure of simulation is used for the investigation of the elas-tic behavior of the structure under pressure. The aim of this study is to determine the adequate stacking sequence in order to improve the resistance of the tank to support higher pressures. In this simulation two types of coated on a metal liner laminates stacking sequences are used: the anti-symmetric stacking and the quasi-isotropic. The axial, circumferential, and radial stresses and strains as well as stress ratio and shear stress in relation to the thickness of the tube walls were investigated. Moreover, the variations of the mentioned parameters are investigated in relation to the thickness of the composite tube expressed as non-dimensional radial coordinate. The obtained results show that the mentioned parameters vary depending on the stacking sequence and according to the orientation angle of each fibre layer.