Parameters of automobile movement in case of braking and bumping by wheels to the vertical protrusion of road covering


  • E. Sokolovskij


The present article depicts the results of the inves-tigation of braking parameters of the automobiles, equipped with ABS and without ABS. The values of the automobile deceleration, increase of the deceleration time and the time of disbraking, while braking on dry asphalt-concrete surface, which was fixed in the course of the ex-perimental investigation, are presented. Dependence of deceleration of the automobiles, equipped with ABS and without ABS, upon the primary driving speed is reflected and substantiated. The results of the investigation of auto-mobiles, equipped with ABS and without ABS, braking in winter conditions, i.e. on ice and snow, are presented. Collision of the automobile wheels with vertical obstacle, as a result of which the wheel tire gets disman-tled, is considered in the present article. The required force and the automobile’s minimal speed of driving, which is equivalent to its kinetic energy loss at dismantling of the tire from the wheel rim after collision with the obstacle, are shown. The values of this force and speed, typical of the automobiles, attributed to different classes, their depend-ence upon the obstacle height and collision with the obsta-cle angle are fixed. More precise methods for the calcula-tion of the automobile speed prior to the traffic accident, by taking into consideration its kinetic energy, necessary for dismantling of the wheel at its collision with the verti-cal obstacle, is suggested.