Multi layer tubular composite reinforced by a liner: behaviour under thermo mechanical loading simulation


  • A. Hocine
  • A. Bezazi
  • A. Benamar
  • L. Boubakar
  • A. Kondratas


This paper presents the investigation of elastic behaviour of a multilayer composite tube (tubular part of the cylindrical tank) reinforced by a metal liner under the thermomechanical loading using an analytical simulation. The aim of this study was to highlight the thermal effect on the stresses, strains, and displacements through the thick-ness in order to improve the resistance of the tank for sup-porting higher thermomechanical loadings. A metal liner coated with two different stacking sequence laminates, such as: the antisymmetric and the quasi-isotropic stack-ings are used in this simulation. The analysis of the ob-tained results shows that the presence of the thermal effect changes the stresses, strains, and displacements with dif-ferent sensitivities and depend on the used stacking se-quence. The greatest influence is recorded for radial stresses and strains. The lay-up of the quasi-isotropic lami-nate presents the best results in term of stresses and displacements compared to the anti-symmetric lay-up one.