Plasma decomposition method of hazardous waste


  • K. Babilius
  • A. Babilius
  • R. Pakamanis


The article presents a decomposition method of chemical waste (old pesticides) with the help of an air plasma stream, when temperature in plasma thermo-reactor zone reaches more than 4500ºC. Technical solutions for dosage of pesticides (Caratan, Fenturan, DNOK, and DDT), their decomposition in plasma stream and collection of pollutants are given. The tests of a performed techno-logical process “in situ” are described, ashes analysis after decomposition is made, and the limits of emitted pollutants to the air are found according to the environmental norma-tive document “The Main Requirements for Burning of Waste LAND 19-99”.The research shows that, even in the case of a “clean” experiment without any filtering system, the con-centration of carbon monoxide is lower than the limit for 2 to 13 times, sulphur dioxide – for about 11 times, and chlo-rine combinations are destructed completely.Conclusions show the application fields of de-structed materials, indicate the other decomposable materi-als. This plasma system could be adapted for the synthesis of new nonfusible materials, too.