Immediate and long-term strength tests of connections in the wood-framed structure


  • M. Malesza
  • C. Miedziałowski


The paper presents results of the effect of imme-diate and of long-term load on timber joints and time de-pending behaviour of connections in the wood-framed structures. Strength of dowel type of timber-to-timber and board-to-timber joints and the load-slip characteristic of connections is examined under short-time and long lasting load. The process of wood creep influences strongly the strength of connection. The duration of load effect in joints significantly differs in contrast with the process of wood creep. The experimental test results of load duration effect in timber joints and wood-framed wall diaphragms are presented in the paper. The selected results of creep of sheathing to framing joints, their mechanical model and its mathematical descriptions are presented in the paper. Also some results of time depending behaviour of wall panel under different levels of lateral load are included in the paper.