Surface area determination of ragged metallic bodies


  • Tajudeen A. Salau
  • Oludare A. Adedokun
  • Sunday A. Oke


Surface area plays an important role for all com-ponents, especially those under extreme loading condi-tions. For such a component, the relation between the sur-face area and the subject volume is very important. The contribution of this paper is in the determination of the surface area of a ragged metallic component, in particular, components having the same transfer heat coefficient. The basic idea of the paper is concerned with immersing two compared bodies with identical temperatures and materials into separate containers filled with the same amount of hot water and measuring temperature change of the water in both containers. The body with greater surface experiences greater temperature rate. The difference enables us to cal-culate the surface of one body if the surface of the other body is known. Some mathematical calculations are intro-duced with a description of the experiments and analysis of the experimental results based on the elemental formula.