Application of MATLAB programmes set for individual drive component investigation of a section of the printing press


  • V. K. Augustaitis
  • V. Gičan
  • N. Šešok
  • I. Iljin


A drive of many-section printing presses usually is formed of individual autonomous components with own electrical drives; an operation of the latter is synchronized in electronic way according to the principle of “electronic shaft”.
The methodics for dynamics simulation of a com-ponent with an individual electrical drive in MATLAB/ SIMULINK environment is presented. The key attention is paid to the mechanical part of the drive that is connected to the electrical drive of the known structure using relevant links. The mechanical part of the drive is considered a so-phisticated dynamical system with nonlinear and non-stationary elements, having many degrees of freedom. The method of formation of equations for it and its transforma-tion into a structural scheme fit for the simulation is de-scribed. An example with detailed simulation description of the structural scheme is provided.
The provided methodics may be applied for an in-vestigation of analogous components of other drives of printing press as well.