Breaking down the manufacturing process of sheet metal products into features


  • M. Lohtander
  • M. Lanz
  • J. Varis
  • M. Ollikainen


Computer-aided design (CAD) of sheet metal parts is considered rather easy at present. However, the apparently easy design process can result in the problems in manufacturing properties of sheet metal parts. Conse-quently, one should always take into account the manufac-turing technologies used, and consider the consequences of selecting a certain technology.
In this study, manufacturing features of sheet metal products are divided into feature classes. A feature class describes specific manufacturing property of a sheet metal product, such as bending. A feature class comprises individual features and attributes, which are further divided into other features and attributes. Features and attributes together determine the process with which a product can be manufactured. In speaking manner, features invite certain processes and process parameters, that is, a feature tells the process how it should be manufactured.
Designing and implementing a feature-based da-tabase application would help designers to obtain informa-tion on different technologies that can be applied to prod-uct manufacture.