Numerical modelling of creep functions of laminated composites


  • D. Zabulionis
  • A. Gailius


This research paper proposes the simulation method of linear creep parameters of laminated composites when the composite is loaded along the joint of the layers. The developed method is based on the numerical integra-tion of the second kind Volterra integral equation taking out the stress mean before the integral. Having compared the creep deformations calculated by the known exact ana-lytical solution and by the proposed method it has been determined that the proposed method allows to calculate creep deformation of composite materials fairly close to the exact value. It has been determined that in some cases the specific creep of a composite may be higher than the specific creep of each layer of the composite material Also, in some cases for a certain short period of loading time the creep function of a composite may be higher than the creep functions of each layer of the composite material.