Displacement of the body on the oscillatory plane


  • B. Bakšys
  • D. Kinzhebayeva


Presented work analyzes characteristics of vibratorydisplacement of a body on a oscillatory plane withreference to automated assembly of the parts. Mathematicaland dynamic models of vibratory displacement aremade. Applying MatLab software, programs to solve theequations of motion were written. Characteristics of a bodymotion on a oscillatory plane depending on the oscillatoryangle and oscillation frequencies of the plane, coefficientsof rigidity of the spring and phase difference between theexcitation plane oscillations were defined. Existing areasof different modes of motion of the body depending onexcitation frequency and oscillation of the plane, on oscillatoryangle of the plane and rigidity factor were defined. Itwas determined, that motion character of the body dependson oscillatory angle and oscillation frequency of the plane,coefficient of rigidity of the spring and also phase differencebetween the excitation and oscillation of the oscillatoryplane. Obtained trajectories of the body motion on aoscillatory plane can be applied for relative positioning ofthe mating parts during automated assembly.