IDEF0 modelling technique to estimate and increase the process capability at the early product design stage


  • A. Bargelis
  • A. Stasiškis


The paper deals with IDEF0 modeling technique to estimate the process capability and manufacturing cost at the early product design stage. It considers the contra-dictions that arise in product design procedure when seek-ing its best performance and minimal manufacturing cost. Applying the principles of design for assembling (DFA) and design for manufacturability (DFM), when facilitating the product assembling process, the fabrication process of product parts gets more complicated. The research done can help finding the best decision of quality and lean manufacturing among available product and process alter-natives. Mathematical formalization of the developed inter-facing model is provided and appropriate software is cre-ated. The proposed interfacing model is being imple-mented for the integration of computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided process planning (CAPP) sys-tems. This integrated model is used in industry and in uni-versities also for study process.