Facility for catalysts testing, research of CuO / γ – Al2O3 coatings


  • A. Babilius
  • K. Babilius
  • R. Melkūnas
  • K. Buinevičius


The article presents investigations of catalytic CuO/γ - Al2O3 coatings obtained by activated thermo-chemical condensate deposition method. It was researched:a) coating adhesion, resistance to acids, phase and chemical composition, crystal dimensions, morphol-ogy;b) technical solutions and main parameters of the test facility for catalysts testing and determining conver-sion of carbon monoxides and nitrogen oxides;c) catalytic CO and NOx conversion, in comparison of two type catalytic monoliths: CuO/γ - Al2O3 (on the steel plates , thermally processed at 650°C) and Pt/Mg2Al4Si5O18 (Pt/cardierite, classical ceramic TWC catalyst).The obtained results show that CuO/γ - Al2O3 type catalyst, has higher inflammation temperature in all cases in comparison with Pt/cardierite type catalyst. CuO/γ - Al2O3 type catalyst the same as Pt/cardierite type catalyst operates well in case of NOx conversion, if low oxygen amount is present in flue gas. In case of CO con-version, having oxygen concentrations 0.6% and 1.2% at the inlet to catalytic reactor, Pt/cardierite type catalyst reaches 92%, while CuO/γ - Al2O3 type catalyst maximum available – 100% conversion.