Magnetic fluid based squeeze film between curved rough circular plates


  • G. M. Deheri
  • Nikhilkumar D. Abhangi


It has been sought to analyze a magnetic fluidbased squeezetermined by hyperbolic function approaches the stationary curved lower plate along the surface governed by secant function. The lubricant used is a magnetic fluid in the pres-ence of an external magnetic field oblique to the radial axis. The transversem by a stochastic random variable with nonzero mean, variance and skewness. The associated Reynolds equation is averaged with respect to the random roughness parameter. The concerned nondimensional differential equation is then solved with appropriate boundary condi-tions in dimensionless form to get the pressure distribution, which in turn, is used to get the expression for the load carrying capacity paving the way for the calculation of response time. The results are presented graphically. The results suggest that the bearing system registers a consid-erably improved performance as compared to that of the bearing system working with a conventional lubricant. It is observed that the pressure, the load carrying capacity and the response time increase with increasing magnetization parameter. This investigation reveals that although the bear-ing suffers owing to transverse surface roughness in gen-eral,