Research of abrasive erosion wear for Fe-C-Cr-B hard layers


  • V. Jankauskas
  • R. Kreivaitis
  • P. Kulu
  • M. Antonov
  • D. Milčius
  • V. Varnauskas


This study presents the research related with abra-sive erosion wear of electric-arc welded hard layers. It is estimated, that when the abrasive particles affect the hard layers surface at oblique angle the wear by microcutting prevails, when they strike perpendicularly – the wear is caused by microfatigue processes. Under abrasive erosion conditions the wear of electric arc welded hard layers is lower if compared to Hardox 400 up to 31% at the abrasive particles impact angle of 30°, and only up to 4% at the perpendicular particles impact. Under the abrasive particles stream impacting the surface at oblique impact angle the most resistant to wear are the layers alloyed with 1.6-1.9% carbon and 4-8% chromium while under the normal impact the most resistant to wear are the low carbon layers alloyed with 0.15% C and high chromium layers alloyed with 15% Cr.