Circular scale eccentricity analysis


  • D. Bručas
  • V. Giniotis


An example of the circular scale strokes system-atic errors spectral analysis is described in this paper. The circular scale strokes systematic errors of the geodetic an-gle measuring instruments calibration device developed in Institute of Geodesy of Vilnius Gediminas Technical Uni-versity are analysed here. Implementing the spectral analy-sis method the harmonics and the constant member of the calibration results were segregated. According to the ob-tained results (features of the 1st harmonic) it was deter-mined that the eccentricity of the scale caused by one of the elements of the rotary disc (probably the bearing) is μm and it lies in line of 116.46–296.46. After the removal of the obtained (primary) 1st harmonic from the systematic errors a secondary spectral analysis of the data was performed, and the secondary 1st harmonic was de-termined, according to which the secondary eccentricity of μm, lying on 21.68–201.68 and caused by an-other element of the rotary disc (probably the scale itself) was calculated. According to the method described (double segregation of the 1st harmonic) it is possible to determine theoretically (analysing the calibration results) the eccen-tricities of the elements of different rotating devices such as rotary tables, spindles, various rotors.