Knowledge based reverse engineering tool for near net shape axisymmetric forging die design


  • Necip Fazil Yilmaz
  • Omer Eyercioglu


Near net shape forging isqmprovement of forged products. Forging opera-tions require high level of experience and therefore some certain procedures should be followed. In this paper, the application of a rule based system to the near net shape axisymmetric forging die design, and development of knowledge base for it, is carried out (EXFOR). This sys-tem enables the reverse engineering tool for forging die design from final component geometry by incorporating the feature recognition, forgeable geometry, material and forging load calculation. The required forging load is cal-culated by using Upper Bound Elemental Technique (UBET) so as to fill the die cavity completely. The power and energy requirements for making the finished forging are also determined at this stage. Die stress calculationĀ comes after this process and the final section covers die shape determination. For this purpose, amount of thermal shrinkage due to temperature difference between work-piece and die, elastic die expansion, thermal die expansion, and thermal product contraction and spark gap are taken into account.