3-D modeling of nanostructures evolution in lateral etching processes


  • R. Navickas


We have developed 3-D model of evolution of the nano- and microstructures geometry in lateral etching processes. The modeling results for the different initial geometry structures are presented. The experimental inves-tigations of the evolution of microstructures in lateral etch-ing processes of amorphous and polycrystalline films were performed and the coincidence of modeling results and the experimental research were received. The results showed, that concrete nanostructures can be defined by the topo-logical set of randomly generated points with border condi-tions set up to satisfy real physical material properties. The model results are obtained for the infinite selectiveness of etching, although the model allows to model mask etching simultaneous to the film etching. This allows analyzing and designing new self-alignment and self-formation tech-nologies semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and MEMS/NEMS. Also the problem of practical representa-tion for the material of concrete nanostructure with finite set of randomly distributed points was analyzed and some model results were obtained. Results show the possibility of model application in new device manufacturing proc-esses.