Flash welding of nonalloyed welding wire steel


  • A-M. Hämäläinen
  • J. Salo
  • J. Martikainen


and voltage as well as upsetting force and volume. If the parameters are too high, the joint surfaces become too plastic and maintaining a suitable upsetting force is difficult. If the parameters are too low, the plastifying ef-fect on the joint surfaces is left unfinished and upsetting remains insufficient. The quality of flash welded joints is also influenced by the size of the joint area, which means optimization of the parameters is necessary for a high-quality flash welded joint.In the manufacture of wire rod coils, the endless rolling process can improve the productivity and flexibility of production. These properties are based on the moving flash welding system which is used to join reheated billets together before rolling. Since the quality of the flash welded joints is of essential importance for the manufac-turing process, this research investigated the effects of the flashing time on the quality of the joint made by welding wire steel.The structure and characteristics of the test pieces welded with different flashing times were investigated with destructive testing. On the basis of the welding procedure tests the joints of some test welds did not completely meet the quality requirements.