Investigation of friction properties of yarns from natural fibres


  • V. Svetnickienė
  • R. Čiukas
  • R. Čiukas


Investigation results of friction properties of naturalfibres ant their blends with classic fibres yarns are presentedin the article. When processing various yarns, it isvitally important to know the friction properties and frictionratio of these yarns, which indicate the possibilities ofprocessing and, together with knitted structure, indicate theproperties of the knitting. The experiments were performedwith flax, bamboo, bamboo + flax, soy, cotton + sea cellyarns. Yarn speed, axial tension, friction body curvaturedependence on friction ratio were determinated by theseexperiments. The experiments show, that big curvature andbig axial force make friction ration to decrease. The frictionration is increasing, when axial force is small. Yarnspeed has a small influence, that’s why all the investigatedyarns can be easily processed in knitting, except flax,which has the highest friction properties and is the mostrigid. We recommend to use flax just in mixed yarns.It is determined, that for investigated yarns thereis maximum of friction ratio then axial stress of yarn is10 cN.