Study of resonant vibrations shapes of the beam type piezoelectric actuator with preloaded mass


  • D. Mažeika
  • R. Bansevičius


Results of numerical modeling and simulation of multimode resonant vibrations of the beam type piezoelec-tric actuator are presented in the paper. The investigated actuator consists of piezoceramic beam with a single mass at one of the ends. Electrodes pattern has two sections and two schemes of excitation are used. Operation of the actua-tor is based on using multimode resonant vibrations where superposition of longitudinal and flexural modes is used. Two separate resonant vibration modes and electrode exci-tation schemes are used for direct and reverse motion of the actuator. Numerical modeling based on the finite ele-ment method was performed to find multimode resonant frequencies and modal shapes and to calculate the trajecto-ries of contact point movement under different excitation schemes. Results of numerical simulation demonstrate the influence of preloaded mass on vibration shapes and pa-rameters of the trajectories of contact point movement.