Basic aspects concerning modular design of reconfigurable parallel manipulators for assembly tasks at nanoscale


  • R. Pacurari
  • A Csizar
  • C. Brisan


The trend to miniaturization in the field of objects assembly and manipulation is leading to increasing de-mand for devices that can precisely position and assemble microcomponents with an accuracy of less than one mi-crometer. Therefore the interest of designing such robots that are able to successfully succeed with these operations is also increasing. For this kind of operations, hybrid struc-tures are recommended. The hybrid structure is composed of two components; the first one is a parallel reconfigur-able component which is able to succeed operations with micrometer precision and the second one is a serial com-ponent constituted with the use of piezo actuators and is capable to realize operations with nanometer precision. The main interest of this paper is the basic design of a ro-bot with hybrid architecture for precision assembly and manipulation but is focused mainly on its parallel compo-nent.