Design and virtual reality simulation of frontal - sinusoidal ball transmission


  • M. Bara
  • S.-D. Stan
  • E. Teutan
  • Dan Verdes


The frontal - sinusoidal transmission with balls is a new type of mechanical transmission that allows trans-mission of motion between two coaxial shafts.In the first part of this paper the study of geome-try and kinematics of the elements of frontal - sinusoidal transmissions with balls is presented, determining in the way the transmission ratios. In the second part of the paper the virtual reality model and simulation made in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment is presented. A virtual environment simulator and the way it can be connected to other simulators (e.g. MATLAB/SIMULINK), is pre-sented.An advantage of this transmission, as compared to other mechanical transmissions, is given by the possibility to obtain more transmission ratios. In case when all disks of simple frontal-sinusoidal transmission are moving ele-ments one differential transmission is obtained.Another advantage is given by the possibility of obtaining simply complex transmissions by series and par-allel arrangement of frontal transmission units.