Chip control system for monitoring the breaking of chips and elimination of continuous chips in rough turning


  • V. Ryynänen
  • J. Ratava
  • T. Lindh
  • M. Rikkonen
  • I. Sihvo
  • J. Leppänen
  • J. Varis


This research project developed an adaptive chip control system for rough turning. Continuous chips are detected with the help of acoustic emission signals duringmachining. The system monitors the breaking of chips, estimates the length of the chips and eliminates continuous chips if those are formed by stopping the feed and then restarting it at a higher rate. The control mechanism is based on communication between the software and the lathe knob. The system was tested with two combinations of cutting tools and work piece material. In the future, the chip control system should also be tested with more tools and materials. The system still requires development, e.g. to shorten the reaction time and simplify the sensors. The chip control capacity of the system created in this study is an important step towards improving unmanned production.