Analysis of estimation and compensation of angular errors of linear motion


  • A. Barakauskas
  • A. Kasparaitis
  • S. Kaušinis
  • R. Lazdinas


An attempt to evaluate an estimation accuracy of small angular fluctuations of linear precision movements is made. Two methods are compared, - statistical, when the value of these angular errors is defined by the results of several realisations of their average values approximating parametrical functions, and an active method, when these errors are estimated under indications of laser interferome-ter. The techniques of realisation of both methods are de-scribed, the stand of researches is described and results of researches are given.More exact is the active method for less stable tra-jectory of linear movement and small measured displace-ment. The statistical method is more exact under condition of stable trajectory of linear motion and the large measured distances. In the conditions of the resulted researches the distance margin is 1.5 m. Besides, from the economic point of view the statistical method is preferable.