Engine working modes during tractors operational period


  • A. Janulevičius
  • A. Juostas
  • G. Pupinis


Operational economy and productivity of the tractor is mostly evident when its engine power is utilized at least 80% and engine speed is as low as possible. The pa-per analyzes engine operation intervals in different engine speed and load modes during tractor’s operational period. A possibility is revealed how to use information collected in tractor-integrated digital microprocessors, or “Electronic Engine Control Units”. The study was carried out using engine load table and graph, called “ECU Load Profile”, obtained from Massey Ferguson tractor-integrated Elec-tronic Engine Control Units. Engine operation intervals during tractor’s operational period are assorted according to engine speed and cyclic fuel consumption, accumulated and saved as these profiles. Theoretical analysis was car-ried out and equation presented for the relation between engine power, engine speed and cyclic fuel consumption quantities. In the study results two charts are presented showing two Massey Ferguson MF 6499 tractors’ opera-tion intervals’ distribution by different engine speed and power modes during tractors’ operational periods. The study showed that engine speed and load modes’ analysis using information obtained from tractor-integrated digital microprocessors reveals tractor’s operation quality.