The effect of the relative location of laser beam with arc in different hybrid welding processes


  • P. Kah
  • A. Salminen
  • J. Martikainen


Laser–arc hybrid welding is a promising tech-nique for the welding of heavy sections. To achieve high weld quality with these processes requires several parame-ters to be properly adjusted. The selection of suitable pa-rameters partly depends on the results desired for welding whether it be gap bridging, penetration depth, welding speed, melting efficiency, process stability, control of the weld width, porosity reduction, or weld appearance. This paper studies how the position of the different sources in laser–arc hybrid welding influences overall weld quality. The aim of the assessment is to make it easier to choose which relative position is appropriate for a specify metal.
The study is based on a critical literature analysis of the results of a variety of publications carried out by several research groups. The effects of parameters and set-up are detailed in the analysis. Especially economic feasi-bility and quality management factors as the basis of analysis can be assessed.