Statistical evaluation of low cycle stress-strain curves parameters for alloyed structural steels weld metals at room and elevated temperature


  • M. Daunys
  • A. Stulpinaitė
  • R. Šniuolis


sign laboratory in 1970–2000, of 75 weld metals of alloyed structural steels at room temperature and 40 welded joints at elevated temperature were analyzed in this paper. The results of the materials were additionally di-vided in to Cr–Ni, Cr–Ni–Mo, Cr–Ni–Mo–V groups. The proportionality limit stress Ts and the parameters α and 1Aof cyclic stress–stain curs linear dependences the dified plasticity criterion onmo()Z σσ for separated groups of weld metals of alloyural steels were investigated. Analytical dependences of cyclic stress-strain parameters on the modified plasticity criterion for Cr–Ni, Cr–Ni–Mo, Cr–Ni–Mo–V welded joints are proposed at room and elevated temperatures. The comparison of cyclic stress-strain curves calculated and experimental character-istics results showed that additional grouping of the mate-rials by the chemical composition has influence while de-fining the parameters by the modified plasticity criterion at room and elevated temperatures.