Computation film cooling from three different holes geometries


  • A. Khorsi
  • A. Azzi


The paper presents computations of three film cooling geometries. The first one is the classical cylindrical hole, the second represents a rectangular slot and the third one is a new converging slot hole (CONSOLE) who is designed to offer an improved cooling of slot geometry, while retaining the mechanical strength of discrete holes. The exact experimental geometries of Sargison et al. (2002) are reproduced using the ANSYS ICEM CFD soft-ware. For comparison purpose three values of the blowing ratio are tested. The computational domain is discretized using a refined multi-bloc structured grid including the plenum area and the turbulence field is resolved by using the SST Model of Menter (1993). Computational results of inclined cylindrical holes, slot and the new geometry are presented and compared for different blowing ratios. The investigation indicates that joining the hole exits in a slot form has the advantages of keeping the ejected coolant film continuous in the span-wise direction, and delaying the coolant-jet lift-off occurring at relatively high blowing ratios.