Numerical simulation sequence in applying to facility for sports and entertainment skiing slopes


  • M. Samofalov


In this paper a sequence to manage engineering calculations in design of complex facilities is proposed. A possibility of stage-by-stage sequential analysis of the structural stress/strain state is considered taking into ac-count nonlinear aspects. The conclusions are recommended about the system mechanical work based on comparison of analysis of final results from alternative calculation mod-els. Original features of a complex facility and real design situation particularities play a key role in creation of an effective calculation sequence for the facility. The struc-tural calculations are tightly connected with preparing of design documentation for the facility, so questions about computer resources and qualification of engineers can be very important on each calculation stage. The above-proposed sequence has been practically used to the basic design of the facility “Skiing slopes with snow pavement in Druskininkai, Lithuania” in 2009. In this case, the struc-tural features are: high level of regularity; a possibility to divide the facility constructions in structurally independent blocks. A system of flexible pretensioned braces has been successfully applied. Usage of such a kind of structural members allows to consider such calculation as nonlinear one. Preliminary planning of structural stress/strain state investigations is obligatory for the calculations of complex facilities.