Logbuild - CAD/CAM system for log houses


  • L. Portjanski
  • G. Nekrassov
  • R. Zahharov
  • E. Shevtshenko


The complex problems of product design,manufacturing and transportation of parts are not solved byexisting design systems. Such problems can be solved bythe integrated CAD/CAM applications. The integratedCAD/CAM system for the log houses production shouldsupport the design of tecnological process and thecalculation of dimensional chains.In this paper we propose the integratedCAD/CAM system with novel dimensional chaincalculation algorithm. This system supports the design oflog houses, preparation of construction drawings,preparation of manufacturing technology and production ofof a complete part list (logs, windows, doors, rafters,boards etc.). The integration of product data with CAMsystem enables to optimise the lengh of the cuted out parts.The optimization methods analysis showed that it isdifficult to achieve the full optimisation of log housesbuilding process in real manufacturing conditions. For thispurpose the local optimisation is proposed, which selectsthe parts to be processed with a user defined fixed rawmaterial length. It assures the material waste is within theallowed boundaries and generates the packing list.