Performance and emission characteristics of preheating corn oil methyl ester in CI Engine


  • V. GOPINATH Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology / Anna University
  • G. SELVAKUMAR Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology
  • R. PERIYASAMY Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology



Corn oil, Preheated, Performance, exhaust emissions


In the present work on unheated Corn oil methyl ester and Preheated Corn oil methyl ester is used to prepare different concentration blends with diesel, B20, B40 and B60 were used as alternative fuels in a compression ignition engine. The properties like calorific value, flash point, fire point and viscosity of these oils were determined. The viscosity of corn oils has been reduced through transterification process. The waste heat energy from the exhaust gas was reused to preheat the corn oil around 80°C by adjusting the flow rate of exhaust gas.  The performance and emission characteristics of a single cylinder, direct injection diesel engine were determined using unheated corn oil, Preheated Corn oil and diesel. Brake thermal efficiency of preheated B20 was more than other blends and unheated fuels but equal to diesel fuel. Brake specific fuel consumption, CO2 and HC of preheated B20 were less than unheated fuels and diesel. However, the NOx emission of preheated B20 was little higher than unheated fuels and diesel due to high combustion temperature. By considering the result of all the factors, preheated B20 blend was found to be a suitable alternative for diesel fuel.