Research on Mathematical Model and Cutting Characteristics in Machining of Natural Marble by Diamond Coated Tool


  • Guangyu YAN Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shenyang 110168, China
  • Yuhou WU Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shenyang 110168, China
  • He WANG Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shenyang 110168, China
  • Dehong ZHAO Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shenyang 110168, China
  • Feng LU Shenyang Jianzhu University, Shenyang 110168, China



diamond coated tool, natural marble, cutting force and energy, chip thickness, surface roughness


The material removal process of natural marble milling by diamond coated tool is essentially a crack propagation process. The complex brittle machining characteristics remains to be a problem for the hard-brittle material processing iundustry. In this investigation, the relationships among cutting forces, specific energy and machining parameters were built based on the tool-workpiece contact geometry. Empirical equations of cutting forces and specific energy based on experimental data were established. Changing characteristics of cutting force and surface roughness of natural marble machined by diamond tool and non-coated tool were analyzed.  Results demonstrate that the mathematical model of cutting force and specific cutting energy were reliable according to the regression analysis base d on experimental data. Energy consumption during the milling process of natural marble is mainly derived from rubbing action between cutting tool and workpiece. The specific energy decreases with the increase of feed speed and equivalent chip thickness. The machining quality is influenced by cutting force directly. Cutting process can be divided into four stages and there are significant advantages of diamond coated tool in the machining of natural marble compared with the non-coated cemented carbide tool.