Investigation of mechanical strength of adhesive joints of packages made from flock printing materials


  • E. Kibirkstis, O. Mizyuk


The paper presents the latest investigation of the strength of adhesive joints of packages made from flock printing material. During the experimental testing, the character of ripping and tearing strength of the samples as well as the influence of the properties of materials (paper-board, adhesive, flock) on the strength of adhesion have been determined.
The dependence of tearing strength on the proper-ties of the material and its type has also been found. Two ripping directions of adhesive joints have been determined: 1) ripping along joining surfaces of the adhesion; 2) ripping of paperboard in layers. The conditions to obtain firm adhesion and the ways to eliminate ripping of the pa-perboard in layers have been determined. It was found ex-perimentally that grammage of the paperboard makes no influence on the strength of adhesive joints (tearing off). For this case, it is the orientation direction of the fibres (machine or cross-machine direction) that makes the influ-ence. It has been determined that the resistance to ripping of the paperboard in layers decreases with the increase of the number of elementary layers of the paperboard.