Research on Three-point Bending Mechanical Performance of Square Tube Structure Filled with Foam Aluminum


  • Kun YANG Liaoning University of Technology
  • Yunjie SHA Liaoning University of Technology
  • Tao YU Liaoning University of Technology



In this paper, the quasi-static three-point bending experiments are carried out to study the deformation behavior of square tube and square tube filled with foam aluminum. The difference of bending deformation mode, loading characteristics and energy absorption efficiency between tube and foam aluminum filled tube is compared. And the influence of adhesive between the foam aluminum core and the tube wall on the bending deformation of square tube filled with foam aluminum is analyzed. Based on the bending super beam element model of tube structure, the relationship between the moment and rotation of square tube filled with foam aluminum under transverse static loading is analyzed. And the formula for calculating the moment and rotation angle of square tube filled with foam aluminum at three-point bending is obtained. In order to compare the simulation results, theoretical calculation results and experimental results of quasi-static bending, the three-point bending deformation of square tube and filled with foam aluminum under quasi-static and impact loading is simulated by finite element method. The results show that the filling of foam aluminum can improve the bearing capacity and energy absorption performance of the square tube structure. Under the bending load, the deformation degree of the bearing section is greatly reduced, which increases the bearing capacity of the structure and increases the stability of its bending resistance.