Computational Evaluation of the Effect of Plunger Spring Stiffness On Opening and Closing Times of the Low-Pressure Gas-Phase Injector


  • Dariusz SZPICA Bialystok University of Technology
  • Michał KUSZNIER Bialystok University of Technology



mechanical engineering, combustion engines, alternative fuel supply, LPG, modeling


In the paper, an attempt was made to computationally demonstrate the effect of the plunger pressure stiffness on the opening and closing times of the low-pressure gas-phase injector as a filling of the research gap in this subject.  Based on the presented mathematical model describing the operation of the injector, firstly the results were related to the manufacturer's technical data showing a shorter time to full opening by 2.77% and a longer time to full closing by 0.50%. On this basis, it was considered that the proposed model can be used for comparison purposes. In the assumed range of compression spring stiffness (100... 2000) N/m, it was shown that as the stiffness increases, the time to fully open decreases by 18.85%, while the time to fully closed decreases by 80.17%. Additionally, it is shown that the time-cross section as the stiffness of the compression spring increases can decrease up to 35.21% from the initial value. The obtained results can be useful in modeling the operation of an internal combustion engine or in the operational assessment of the gas injector condition.