The investigation of a unbalanced barrel pitching system’s characteristics degradation and compensation under gradual erosion behavior


  • Yuanbo CHU Xi'an Technological University
  • Yunxia XIA



The unbalanced barrel pitching system is a typical electro-hydraulic coupling servo control system, the performance of which determines the response speed and hit probability of vehicle mounted weapon equipment. However, in the actual service process, its core component, the high precision jet pipe servo valve, will produce the gradual erosion of the pilot stage’s receivers and the power stage’s throttling edges, which will induce the performance degradation of the unbalanced barrel pitching system, and finally greatly reduce the performance of barrel weapons. Therefore, a pressure and position double loop state space model of unbalanced barrel pitching system including the core parameters of performance degradation is established. The erosion behavior mechanism model of jet pipe servo valve is constructed, and the performance degradation characteristics of the unbalanced barrel pitching control system under the condition of erosion are further analyzed. Finally, aiming at the double loop structure of internal pressure loop and external position loop, the RBF Network Adaptive Robust Sliding Mode-Proportional Integral Derivative two-stage controller of barrel system is designed, based on which the experimental platform of unbalanced barrel pitching control is built. The experimental results are in good agreement with the theoretical results, so the proposed control method can effectively suppress the degradation of internal structural parameters induced by erosion, that is, it can better compensate the performance degradation of barrel pitching system induced by gradual erosion behavior.