An ON-OFF Closed-Loop Control of Photoelectric Actuator Based on PLZT Ceramic


  • Yafeng LIU Henan University of Technology
  • Yiwei YANG Henan University of Technology
  • Chunbo LIU Henan University of Technology
  • Xinjie WANG Henan University of Technology



PLZT ceramic,, photostrictive effect,, photoelectric actuator,, closed-loop,, ON-OFF control


PLZT (lanthanum-doped lead zirconate titanate) ceramic with outstanding photostrictive effect has been widely used in the micro precision drive field. In this article, a new closed-loop control method with ON-OFF control strategy is proposed for the photoelectric actuator based on PLZT ceramic. The closed-loop control model under driving voltage control strategy is established, and the parameters are identified by a series of experiments. Then, the control equations of driving voltage and output displacement of the photoelectric actuator are derived on the basis of the closed-loop control model during the light on and light off phases. After that, the numerical simulation analysis is carried out when the driving voltage and output displacement are taken as control objects respectively. According to the analysis results, the output displacement of the photoelectric actuator can be successfully controlled at a specific target value, and the proposed control method has excellent control effect, the feasibility and effectiveness of the control method are verified. Relevant conclusions can lay a foundation and provide theoretical guidance for the practical application of the photoelectric actuator in the field of active control.