Assessment wind field in the region of Annaba East Algeria with an aerodynamic analysis for installation a small wind turbines


  • N. Zerari Laboratory of Electromechanically Engineering Badji-Mokhtar Annaba University
  • A. Benretem Laboratory of Electromechanically Engineering Badji-Mokhtar Annaba University



Wind energy, Weibull parameters, Compass Rose, Small wind turbine, aerodynamic behaviour


The basic principle of a small wind turbine in the isolated location is to produce electricity with a simple design. Be-fore installing a wind turbine The knowledge of the wind climate is very important for the reason to optimize the performance of wind turbines, it is necessary to study the intensity, speed, frequency and direction of the wind. In this context that we will evaluate the wind resource of Annaba - Algeria of the region in order to establish small wind turbine. Hence a Weibull method fit to determine wind energy potential and predict extreme wind in our re-gion. The first part in this paper is to study the estimation of the two Weibull parameters of the wind speed distribu-tion function namely, shape parameter k and the scale parameter c. The suitable values for both shape and scale parameters of weibull distribution of weibull are without forgetting to study the direction, from which the wind comes, appears as very primordial steps important for selecting location of installing wind turbine generator. For 10 years were computed from the wind speed averages data measured hourly at 12 meteorological stations located at “Algiers Airport”. The region concerned in this study named: Annaba. After analysing the behaviour of the wind in this region and find out the average speed in order to study the possibility of installing small wind turbine in the region, as well as knowledge of energy that can output we must hold aerodynamic study to learn and to improve the wind blade shape. The study uses Element Momentum and the axial flow theory, the lift and drag forces acting on the two blade types the torque and the power generated can be determined for our both blade, we concluded the real effect of variation of the length chord and the absence or presence of the twist angle on the performance of a small wind blade. Finally, therefore, this paper treat the techniques applicable to data sets in a defined area for implanted a small wind turbine with best yield, we concluded that a small wind turbine. We put attention on the region of Annaba. Can installer in this region despite the low wind speed through good wind blade shape.


Author Biography

N. Zerari, Laboratory of Electromechanically Engineering Badji-Mokhtar Annaba University

Badji mokhtar University algeria