Interpretation of parameters in strain energy density bone adaptation equation when applied to topology optimization of inert structures

  • Emil Nuțu University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
Keywords: bone remodeling, finite element, strain energy density, topology optimization


This paper presents structural optimum topologies for a 2D Mitchel type structure, obtained using finite element simulations and the strain energy density theory of bone remodeling, with the space influence function. An interpretation of the parameters in remodeling equation is given, under the purpose of adapting their significance to the topology optimization of inert structures. By neglecting the correlation of the spatial influence function with the trabecular dimensions, a new parameter is introduced that allows for controlling the number of finite elements which locally contribute to the mechanical signal calculation. It is shown that, using this parameter in correlation with the distance attenuation parameter, originally defined in the spatial influence function, similar topologies can be achieved reducing the computational time.  Also, the influence of different parameters upon the final topology is discussed.



Author Biography

Emil Nuțu, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
Strength of materials Departement, lecturer