Investigation of contact behaviour of elastic layered spheres by FEM

  • J. Garjonis Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • R. Kačianauskas
  • E. Stupak
  • V. Vadluga


Normal contact behaviour of two elastic-plasticlayered spheres was investigated by the Finite ElementMethod (FEM) and role of specified distinct particle’s parameterswas examined. The particle consists of a relativelystiff elastic skin-layer and relatively soft core substrate.Modelling is made in the frame of the Hertz theoryapplied to homogeneous spheres. Contact forcedisplacementrelationship as the main target of applicationsin DEM is basically studied by the FEM analysis. Contactbehaviour is defined by the dimensionless effective elasticitymodulus expressed finally in terms of elasticitymodulus of core substrate and thickness of the layer.