Mechanical Property Analysis of rubber-like materials under Large Deformation in Uniaxial Tension, Biaxial Tension and Expansion of Cylindrical Membrane

Jianbing SANG, Qi HAN, Yi ZHANG, Jingyuan WANG, Xiaolei LI


Based on the modified strain energy function from Gao, uniaxial tension and biaxial tension of rubber like materials has been researched. For verification purposes, the proposed constitutive model from Gao has been implemented in a general-purpose FEA software. And then the nonlinear finite element procedure is presented for the analysis of rubber-like materials. The volumetric incompressibility condition of the deformation from rubber like materials is included in the formulation by using the penalty method. By utilizing the FEA software ABAQUS, uniaxial tension and biaxial tension model from rubber like materials have been established. In order to compare the FEA results with theoretical results, curve stress-principal stretch has been plotted with different material parameters, which indicate the correctness and rationality of theoretical analysis. In the end, analysis of cylindrical rubber membrane has been proposed based on the proposed strain energy function.  The results show that the constitutive parameter n has a strengthening effect on the rubber membrane material and instability of cylindrical rubber membrane will be occur as the circumferential or longitudinal principal stretch increases. This research has revealed the deformational mechanism and provided reasonable reference for the design of rubber like materials.



rubber like materials, uniaxial tension, biaxial tension, Cylindrical Membrane

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983