Investigation of stress-strain state of micro-corrugated cardboard com-ponents in the process of its laminating and manufacturing pac

  • Svitlana HAVENKO
  • Volodymyr BERNATSEK
  • Svitlana KHADZHYNOVA


It was investigated the influence of mechanical factors on the restructuring of micro-corrugated cardboard based on physical models. We considered typical cases of stress-strain state of micro corrugated cardboard during laminating, particularly when micro-corrugated cardboard, as a resilient layer of a certain thickness, compressed by efforts of two rigid cylinder of the same radius. Deformation of micro corrugated cardboard associated with the change of bandwidth of adhesive layer. It was established that when the corrugated wave has a initial sinusoidal shape, the contact bandwidth increases with contact pressure increasing and, consequently, the surface deflection, due to bending deformation of wave corrugated form and limited to loss of elastic properties at extreme deflection. Elastic deformation (compression) of trapezoidal wave corrugated form does not changing the width of the contact zone, as connected only with the phenomenon of its side faces loss stability. It was established that the ratio of radiuses and maximum of wave corrugated deflection are major factors that influence on the deformation of micro-corrugated cardboard during lamination in longitudinal and transverse direction.