Research on crack discontinuous interface simulation method based on the meshfree diffraction criterion

Yuantao SUN, Zengzeng ZHANG, Qing ZHANG, Xianrong QIN


Meshfree method is a new numerical method whose solution domain only discredited into independent nodes. To model crack discontinuous interface in practical, the equivalent distance for the weight function arguments is adapted. Firstly, the paper analysis the feature of the function, which point out that the methods have their own disadvantages. And then the paper put forward new binary linear equation, which is used to the weight function arguments to dispose of the crack’s noncontiguous interface. The function can simulate the displacement field around crack tip or crack closure line and also avoid the value overflow phenomenon which the node and a computation superposition occurs in the present processing method. The method has provided new mentality and idea for the present meshfree method in crack analysis. Finally three typical crack theoretical models are established as example. The comparison with the analytical solution shows that the displacement value the crack and the stress intensity factors has a better precise based on the new method, and also verified the method is valid.



Meshfree method, crack discontinuous interface, weight function, diffraction criterion

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983