Measurement of Vibrations of a Plate on Elastic Foundation

Edmundas KIBIRKŠTIS, Arkady VOLOSHIN, Kęstutis VAITASIUS, Yuriy PYR’YEV, Laura Gegeckienė, Jolanta BASKUTIENĖ, Kazimieras RAGULSKIS, Liutauras RAGULSKIS


Vibrations of a plate on elastic foundation of Winkler type are investigated. A two-dimensional element having six nodal degrees of freedom (three displacements of the lower surface and three displacements of the upper surface) is used. Elastic foundation of Winkler type on the lower surface is used in the numerical model. Eigenmodes are calculated. Experimental investigations of vibrations were performed using a special experimental setup and typical experimental results are presented. Using the presented results places for recommended locations of Braille elements are determined. It is recommended to locate them at the places were the amplitude of vibrations is smallest. The stiffness parameters of the elastic foundation must be chosen in such a way that enables to shift the eigenfrequencies of the elastic structure from the excitation frequencies of the investigated mechanical device.



plate, elastic foundation, Winkler, vibrations, eigenmodes, experimental setup, experimental results, Braille elements

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Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983