Statistical strength criterion for materials with hexagonal close-packed crystal lattice

  • V. P. Bagmutov Volgograd State Technical University
  • E. P. Bogdanov Volgograd State Agrarian University
  • I. A. Shkoda Kamyshin Technological Institute (Branch of VolgGTU)
Keywords: statistical strength criterion, microstresses, close-paced hexagonal space lattice


Dependences of concentration of the normal mi-crostresses arising from interaction of elastic anisotropic grains, on a type of a combined stress-strain state are in-vestigated. With use of the received dependences, for poly-crystals which grains have no cleavage planes, the statisti-cal strength criterion of the oriented fracture is suggested. The experimental data analysis for titan has shown that the criterion suggested provides more reliable strength prognosis for rigid stress states in comparison with known phenomenological criteria. Two parameters of a suggested criterion for hexagonal close-packed crystal lattice materi-als are determined for polycrystal model using the finite element analysis. Three others are suggested to be defined experimentally by means of a tension test performed on cylindrical specimens with notches of a various tip sharp-ness.


Author Biography

V. P. Bagmutov, Volgograd State Technical University
Dr.Sci.Tech., the Professor of chair "Information systems and technologies"