Thermally induced stability and vibration of initially stressed laminated composite plates

  • Chun-Sheng Chen
  • Wei-Ren Chen Chinese Culture University
  • Hung-Wei Lin
Keywords: thermal effect, buckling, vibration, laminated composite plate, initial stress.


In this paper, the thermal effect on the buckling and vibration of laminated composite plates with an arbitrary initial stress is presented. The governing equations including the transverse shear deformation effects are established using the variation method. The initial stress is taken to be a combination of pure bending stress and a uniform normal stress in the example problems. Temperature distribution in the laminate plate is assumed to be combined uniform and linear temperature change in the transverse direction. The effects of various parameters on the thermal induced vibration and stability of laminated composite plates are studied. It is found that the initial stress, rise temperature and elastic modulus cause drastic changes in the thermal vibration and buckling behavior of laminated composite plates.