Vol 80, No 6 (2009)

Table of Contents


Low cycle stress strain curves and fatigue under tension-compression and torsion PDF
M. Daunys, R. Česnavičius 5 - 11
Determination of stresses and strains in two-layer mechanically inhomogeneous pipe subjected to internal pressure at elastic plastic loading PDF
A. Bražėnas, D. Vaičiulis 12 - 17
The gastrocnemius muscle stiffness and human balance stability PDF
K. Muckus, V. Juodžbalienė, A. Kriščiukaitis, K. Pukėnas, L. Škikas 18 - 22
Parametric analysis of hermetic refrigeration compressors PDF
V. Dagilis, L. Vaitkus 23 - 29
Investigation of vibrations of a multilayered polymeric film PDF
K. Ragulskis, A. Dabkevičius, E. Kibirkštis, V. Bivainis, V. Miliūnas, L. Ragulskis 30 - 36
Posturographic study of the human body vibrations for clinical diagnostics of the spine and joint pathology PDF
N. Kizilova, M. Karpinsky, J. Griškevičius, K. Daunoravičienė 37 - 41
Modeling of sound propagation in the closed space and its interaction with obstacles PDF
R. Mikalauskas, V. Volkovas 42 - 47
Identification of muscles forces during gait of children with foot disabilities PDF
R. Michnik, J. Jurkojć, J. Pauk 48 - 51
Investigation of adequacy of the analytical model of sound field in rectangular room PDF
V. Doroševas, V. Volkovas 52 - 55
Evaluation of gear power losses from experimental test data and ana-lytical methods PDF
B. Łazarz, G. Wojnar, H. Madej, P. Czech Czech 56 - 63
Characteristics of lubrication at nano scale on the performance of transversely rough slider bearing PDF
C. Patel, G. M. Deheri 64 - 71
Manufacture parameters of thermal insulation slabs from secondary raw materials PDF
T. Janulaitis, L. Paulauskas 72 - 76

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983