Research of strengthening plough parts by welding


  • V. Jankauskas Lithuanian University of Agriculture
  • R. Kreivaitis Lithuanian University of Agriculture
  • D. Stonkus L.Stonkuviene Agrarservice Company
  • A. Andriušis Lithuanian University of Agriculture


The principal objective of this research is to de-termine the increase in service life of machine elements working under intensive abrasive wear conditions achieved by alloying. The worn plough points have been analyzed. The manufacture test results of the plough points alloyed with hard layers of different composition are presented. Plough points with their alloyed rear surface are found to wear more intensively, whereas their shrinkage is slower than that of nonalloyed ones. Working parts are sensitive to the heat effect of welding, therefore they should not be strengthened by alloying their rear surface. The plough points with welded front and rear surfaces with Fe-C-Cr-Nb-Mo-W-B alloys wear (their mass) 35 % slower than the new points and they shrink also 6 times slower. In strengthened parts the most intensively wearing spots change, thus the maximum service life of the parts can be determined by additionally analyzing shape dimensions of the strengthened surfaces.